Please read!

HELLO! Welcome to my print selection, I currently do not have a online store so if you are interested on my prints you need to send me a message either on here at the contact section or at any of my other social medias as a private message! 

-I post internationally and shipping is 3 euros, if your shop total is over 16 euros shipping is free! 

-Paying  happens trough paypal or bank transfer  if you live inside Finland. (Every order gets random free gifts included. yay.)



I will try to ship them as safely as I can, BUT the shipping price is that low because I can't offer thick envelopes at the moment. If it takes bad damage however send me a picture and I can give you discount.

OTHER NOTE! reflection and quality in pictures is because I took them with my phone and the prints are already in protective bags. That's why if you need better pictures send me a message


A4 prints


A5 prints


Sale prints

These prints are on sale because they have errors in them such as blurryness,stripes such. please take that into account before buying!